Ocho Rios Adventures & Tours

While you won’t find as many rivers as you may think, there are lots to experience throughout Ocho Rios daily. Unfortunately, if you didn’t book real Jamaican tours through our company, you could be missing out on unforgettable vacation experiences.

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Ocho Rios Adventures & Tours

It’s no wonder why so many resorts have chosen the area as top vacation hotspots, but why settle for ordinary? When you choose the trusted name for local tour guides, excursions, outdoor adventures, and more, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • Experienced Island Guides
  • Local Staff Members
  • Independent Travel Programs
  • Natural Attractions & Landmarks
  • Guides Speaking Patois & English
  • Convenient Transportation Services
  • And more vacation solutions.

Rasstartours remains the trusted name in local tour guide services, helping you see more of Ocho Rio on your trip. In addition to popular landmarks, attractions, and destinations, we also take you to lesser-known sightseeing gems throughout the sunny island.

Why Hire Rasstatours for Your Island excursions?

You have many options in local travel guides, tours, and sightseeing packages, so why hire us for your next vacation? Choosing anyone else means experiencing the same generic outings in any port city in the world, leaving you feeling underwhelmed.

Instead, our team has continued to offer real Jamaican tours to more area hotspots, keeping you seeing more area landmarks. From natural waterfalls and rainforests to busy shopping centers and restaurants, we will show you everything you want to schedule.

You can’t always rely on online reviews, and we ensure all our guests have the best experiences possible every day. When you hire our local tour guides, it means saving more on an unforgettable vacation, as well as:

  • Convenient Service Options
  • Affordable Touring
  • Safe Traveling
  • Reliable Guides
  • Locally Owned
  • Independent Guides
  • More Available Activities
  • And more reasons why to hire us.

Our team and our local partners remain committed to delivering a superior island vacation experience to more travelers every year. When you need to know you’ve found the best local tour guides, you won’t see a better solution than us.


Experience The Natural Wonder Of Jamaica

No matter which items you plan to see the most, we offer you the real Jamaican tours experience every day. Call Everton Rodney now at 876-418-5782 to book your trip’s activities or email us at Rasstartours@gmail.com for more travel information.

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Real Jamaican Tours in Ocho Rios

While any day spent in Jamaica is a good one, we always want you to enjoy better tour guide experiences. As a company that has serviced many visitors over the years, we know how to show you better adventures daily.

The island remains home to plenty of stores, restaurants, and natural parks to discover, making for challenging plans. When you need to keep your focus on unique activities, landmarks, and more travel arrangements, you can count on us.

No matter where in the Ocho Rios community you wish to see, our guides take you there for memorable trips. From outdoor recreation to local attractions and more, you can rely on our staff to show you them all, including:

  • Ocho Rios Excursions
  • Sightseeing Tours 
  • Airport Transfers
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Private Day Tours
  • Group Day Tours
  • Area Shopping & Dining Destinations
  • The Blue Hole
  • Dunn’s River Falls & Park
  • And more Ocho Rio experiences.

Breathtaking views of the ocean, historic buildings, local cuisines, and more, all await you and your travel group today. And when you need to make the most of them all, you need to hire our local tour guides now.

Ocho Rios Excursions

Ocho Rios offers visitors many unique vacation opportunities to reconnect with nature, go shopping, or even interact with marine wildlife.

Sightseeing Tours

With some of the most gorgeous beaches and rainforests in the world, you’ll want help seeing them during your stay.

Airport Transfers

Are you planning on skipping the rental car? We can provide convenient airport transfers with Galveston Tours Taxi Company drivers.

Hotel Pickup

Do you need travel arrangements but don’t want to go through your front desk? We can send a reliable taxi.

Private Day Tours

You don’t always have to travel with a crowd to experience an unforgettable journey. Book your private day tours now.

Group Day Tours

From family vacations to strangers staying on the same ship, we can take your group anywhere you need to see.

Area Shopping & Dining Destinations

Not sure which shops sell the best items? We can offer local tips, tricks, and haggling lessons along the way.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a unique outdoor natural attraction that offers many swimming holes to discover inside a scenic rainforest.

Dunn’s River Falls & Park

Among the most famous waterfalls throughout the Caribbean, you can carefully climb the natural step-like cascades to the spring’s top.

Why Visit Ocho Rio on Your Vacation?

While each community on the island feels unique, most visitors agree that Ocho Rio remains among the most vibrant locales. With a slower city lifestyle than the more prominent areas, it feels more like a tropical getaway over some regions.

Montego Bay and Kingston mimic the busier cities you wound find in other countries, while Ocho Rio feels more organic. And with so many ways to unwind in the crystal-clear waters and bright sandy shores, you can relax virtually anywhere.

You can still find plenty of opportunities to go shopping or grab a meal, as well as visit natural parks. Whether you prefer to hike, swim, or experience something new, we always know where to take you and your group.

Visiting the Caribbean doesn’t always have to stay limited to what your cruise ship has to offer. Contact us now and learn more about visiting Ocho Rios, and book your best island tour guides around.

As your expert team of local sightseeing guides, we take you to local cultural hotspots, natural wonders, and area businesses. When you need a real Jamaican tour experience, you need our company to take you to where you need most. No matter what experiences you hope to see, we ensure your best vacations possible each time you hire our team. Call us today and begin planning your unique island tours and see the difference our guides make for your adventures. 

The island of Jamaica as a whole has lots of unique adventures and relaxing activities, so why visit Falmouth, too? In addition to culturally and historically significant landmarks, it remains an active community with many industries and classic architecture. You can find a variety of historic churches, cemeteries, estates, and more unique points of interest to explore every day. Whether it’s your family’s first trip here or your hundredth, you’ll find something new to enjoy during your next stay.

And when you book your excursions, sightseeing adventures, and other activities with us, it means a reliable tour guide experience. As the group that knows the island better than most, we know how to keep you seeing more unique destinations. When charting out your next travel adventure begins to get overwhelming, our tour guides keep your vacation simple once again. Contact our team today to schedule your real Jamaican tours and enjoy one-of-a-kind adventures throughout the broader Falmouth area now.

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As your experienced team of local travel guides, we guarantee a fun, memorable trip to any nearby landmarks and attractions. Whatever island adventures that you have in mind for your group, we make the most of every itinerary.

Choose Rasstartours today for your next getaway by calling Everton Rodney at 876-418-5782, or by email at Rasstartours@gmail.com.

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