Falmouth Excursions & Tours

Visitors from around the world gather in Trelawny’s capital city of Falmouth for beautiful, natural sites and memorable vacation experiences. However, when you only book excursions and tours through a cruise company, you’re missing out on enjoying real Jamaican tours..

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Falmouth Excursions & Tours

As a historic city that has had residents since at least the late 1700s, you can count on unique experiences. From the world-famous Glistening Waters to cultural offerings and local shopping, you have lots to love when you visit Falmouth:

  • Historic Architecture
  • Active Port Community
  • Local Shopping & Dining Opportunities
  • Natural Outdoor Adventures
  • Unique Bodies of Water
  • Public Beaches
  • Historic Landmarks
  • River Rafting
  • And more unique offerings.

Of course, no trip to Falmouth, Jamaica, is complete without us at Rasstartours, taking you to the top destinations. As the experienced source of dream vacations and outdoor adventures, we guarantee your best excursions, tours, and more travel solutions.

Experience The Natural Wonder Of Jamaica

When you need more than the same activities offered in any port, we show you the island’s raw natural beauty. Speak with Everton Rodney today at 876-418-5782, or email us for additional information at Rasstartours@gmail.com to book real Jamaican tours.

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Falmouth Jamaica Sightseeing Destinations & More

Whether you have an interest in historic architecture or want to see natural landmarks, we have all your adventures ready. As your local providers of real Jamaican tours, excursions, activities, and more, we guarantee incredible vacation memories made every day.

We can help you remain local in the busy port areas or go where you won’t see people for miles. From relaxing rafting to cultural tours and experiences, we know how to get you to where your next plans live.

Even if you don’t know how you’re arriving, we can assist you best with airport transfers, shuttles, cabs, and more. As your providers for an all-in-one dream Jamaican getaway, we help you with vacation services for memorable trips that include:

  • Falmouth Excursions
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Burwood Beach
  • Phoenix Foundry Dome
  • St. Peter’s Anglican Church
  • Good Hope Estate
  • Historic Falmouth City
  • The Glistening Waters
  • And more sightseeing adventures in Falmouth.

For the real Jamaican tours you and your loved ones won’t forget anytime soon, choose our expert sightseeing guides today. We take you to more local hotspots, landmarks, and lesser-known experiences throughout the greater Falmouth community, all at lower costs.

Falmouth Excursions

Falmouth remains home to many unique excursions you can plan for swimming, hiking, rafting, and more recreational opportunities to enjoy.

Sightseeing Tours

With much to see and do, and it takes an experienced guide to squeeze it all in for your trips.

Airport Transfers

Few things feel as disorienting as walking out of an unfamiliar airport. Give us a call for convenient shuttle services.

Hotel Pickup

We partner with local drivers, Galveston Tours Taxi Company, for safe, quick, and affordable hotel pickup services offered every day.

Burwood Beach

Burwood Beach is a nearby public access beach that provides visitors sugar sand shores and shimmering blue waters to enjoy.

Phoenix Foundry Dome

The Phoenix Foundry was a prominent staple in the 1800s, as they offered shipbuilding, repairs, and more services for industries.

St. Peter’s Anglican Church

Initially constructed in 1796, you must see this beautiful historic church. It stands a few blocks west of the port.

Good Hope Estate

This modern resort maintains its classic colonial architecture and remains home to wild birds, scenic views, and many onsite activities.

Historic Falmouth City

Although a modern port and shipping hub, you can still find lots of classic landmarks, historic churches, and more sights.

Why Visit Falmouth on Your Jamaican Vacation?

While Falmouth might not be on the top list of places to see, it remains a treasure trove of adventures. From relaxing trips to the Caribbean Sea to ample local shopping and dining opportunities, you can experience it all here. Historical buildings still mostly retain their classic Georgian era architecture, while offering modern amenities as well as international shipping ports. Once you leave the hustle and bustle behind, you can explore smaller communities and natural attractions, beaches, rafting, and more.

As your expert team of local sightseeing guides, we take you to local cultural hotspots, natural wonders, and area businesses. When you need a real Jamaican tour experience, you need our company to take you to where you need most. No matter what experiences you hope to see, we ensure your best vacations possible each time you hire our team. Call us today and begin planning your unique island tours and see the difference our guides make for your adventures. 

The island of Jamaica as a whole has lots of unique adventures and relaxing activities, so why visit Falmouth, too? In addition to culturally and historically significant landmarks, it remains an active community with many industries and classic architecture. You can find a variety of historic churches, cemeteries, estates, and more unique points of interest to explore every day. Whether it’s your family’s first trip here or your hundredth, you’ll find something new to enjoy during your next stay.

And when you book your excursions, sightseeing adventures, and other activities with us, it means a reliable tour guide experience. As the group that knows the island better than most, we know how to keep you seeing more unique destinations. When charting out your next travel adventure begins to get overwhelming, our tour guides keep your vacation simple once again. Contact our team today to schedule your real Jamaican tours and enjoy one-of-a-kind adventures throughout the broader Falmouth area now.

Real Jamaican Tours Throughout Falmouth & Beyond

As your expert team of Jamaican tour guides, and more, we can help you experience the most memorable vacations possible. No matter which items, activities, or landmarks stay on your list of must-see adventures, you can count on our team.

See why more international travelers continue to choose us for their real Jamaican tours throughout the island. Contact us today by calling Everton Rodney at 876-418-5782, or by emailing us at Rasstartours@gmail.com

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