Montego Bay Tours & Excursions

Although Montego Bay remains the island’s tourist destination capital, it doesn’t mean settling for kitschy souvenirs and uninspiring activity packages. Instead, when you want real Jamaican tours offered at all the must-see attractions and landmarks, you need our sightseeing guides.

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Montego Bay Tours & Excursions

At Rasstartours, we continue to provide the best in unforgettable vacation experiences throughout the island of Jamaica and beyond. And when you choose us for your upcoming Montego Bay getaway, it means experiencing unique sightseeing adventures for less, including:

  • Natural Outdoor Attractions
  • Local Shopping & Dining
  • Historic Buildings & Architecture
  • Airport & Hotel Shuttle Service
  • Private Day Tours
  • Group Sightseeing Adventures
  • And more vacation experiences.

The community remains home to many unique attractions, both natural and humanmade, all offering a memorable experience to every guest. Whether you wish to shop and dine like a local, or get more from your excursions, choose our tour guides.

Experience The Natural Wonder Of Jamaica

Whatever items you and your loved ones have on your list of must-see experiences, we remain your best travel companions. Call us today at 876-418-5782 and ask for Everton Rodney or email our staff at for more information.

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Real Jamaican Tours in Montego Bay

Warm weather, refreshing ocean breezes, and lush rainforests all call Montego Bay their home, making for an unforgettable family vacation. Unfortunately, there are so many activities to try, that it gets challenging to pick a few to see while visiting.

Thankfully, as your expert team of island tour guides, we know which destinations will create the most memories for you. Whether you prefer to stay in the city for local shopping and dining, or discover the wild side, choose us.

We take our guests to the most serene natural locations, as well as the most popular modern points of interest. Contact us today to schedule your ideal Jamaican getaway, and experience the best tours throughout the island, including:

  • Montego Bay Excursions
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • Hotel Pickup
  • Mayfield Falls
  • Martha Brea River Rafting
  • Bounty Bay
  • Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • City Centre Shopping Mall
  • Gloucester Ave
  • Dolphin Cove Montego Bay
  • And more real Jamaican tours throughout Montego Bay.

Whichever vacation hotspots you and your group must see on the island, we make the most out of every encounter. When you’re ready to make memories with your travel companions, choose the local tour guides who know the area best.

Montego Bay Excursions

We help you schedule the excursions you must see, from horseback riding on the beach to natural landmarks and attractions.

Sightseeing Tours

Sometimes, a sightseeing tour proves the most fun way to visit the islands, but only with the right travel guides.

Airport Transfers

When you’ve just landed at Sangster International Airport (MBJ), you need someone to pick you up for convenient transfer services.

Hotel Pickup

Not sure how you’re meeting us tomorrow? We partner with Galveston Tours Taxi Company for reliable hotel pickups and more.

Mayfield Falls

Walk a robe bridge, let the waterfalls rush over you, and see 21 beautiful cascades at this unique natural attraction.

Martha Brea River Rafting

What could feel more relaxing than a quiet, shaded drift down the Martha Brae river in a classic bamboo raft?

Bounty Bay

Not only is Bounty Bay one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it offers kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

Thousands of local and migratory birds await visitors, who also can feed some of the animals, like the hungry hummingbirds.

City Centre Shopping Mall

This local shopping destination features dozens of stores, as well as a wide range of items to buy, including souvenirs.

Why Hire Us for Tour Guides?

Our team has lived, worked, and played in Jamaica our entire lives, and no one knows the area’s landmarks better. As your best choice for reliable adventures, local attractions, and unique island destinations, you can count on us for vacations.

Whether you’ve flown into MBJ by yourself, or arrived from a cruise ship, we always provide superior sightseeing experiences daily. From first time visitors to those who come annually, we still know how to show you around like a local.

If you can’t stomach another scripted trip to the same landmarks you’ve seen before, we have something new to enjoy. From peacefully drifting down rivers, to trekking local waterfalls, we provide adventures for any interests, hobbies, and groups of travelers.

Whatever items you must see, or which activities you have planned, we can make the most of your vacation itinerary. Experience the best trip to Montego Bay with your loved ones and hire our team of knowledgeable tour guides today. 

Why Plan on Visiting Montego Bay for Your Vacation?

Montego Bay welcomes millions of visitors from across the world every year, thanks to its weather, attractions, and people. As a Caribbean island, there’s no shortage of beach days, hiking opportunities, river rafting, and more outdoor adventures to enjoy.

And as the second-largest city on the island, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in trying to see it all now. Thankfully, as your trusted provider for real Jamaican tours, we can show you sights that not everyone gets to experience.

Whether you’re searching for quiet days tanning on the sand or tackling local ziplines and rafts, we can help you.  No one else provides as many opportunities to enjoy your Montego Bay stay as our team does for more travelers.

No matter what your group’s interests and hobbies might be, we always have a memorable adventure ready for your tours. Contact us now to discuss your vacation needs and experience the island with the best sightseeing guides throughout the community.

Real Jamaican Tours Throughout Montego Bay

When you need a better class of tour guides, you need our team for your upcoming holiday. Contact us at Rasstartours now by calling Everton Rodney at 876-418-5782 or email the office at for more details.

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